Ex Architectures is a project conecting people through movement and architetcure.

Ex Architectures combines performance art, architecture and carpentry to make unique pieces of furniture that people connect with in new and interesting ways. Through commissions and direct sales we produce work which responds to the performing arts, utilizes architectural knowledge and employs carpentry know-how. This makes for products that are more than pieces of furniture, they improve space in unconventional ways and inspire conversations between the people that encounter them.

Ex Architectures wants to have strong green credentials using materials in an ecological and sustainable manner, reducing carbon output, and waste, whilst sourcing materials from ethical producers. We are doing this by exploring the galician forestry industry, follow the journey on our blogs page (EYE, Wood, Galicia).

Alexander de Caires (Director)

“I developed the idea of Ex Architectures because I wanted to work with people on meaningful projects, improving spaces, and showing my performative approach to design. My architectural experience started as a builder and decorator for friends and family. Since then I’ve completed my BA and MSc in architecture, worked in practice for RIBA award winning studio SOUP Architects and world renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor. I specialise in timber construction and have a list of successfully completed projects which support the services I offer with Ex Architectures. Take a look, through this website and find examples of completed projects and get in touch if you want to discuss a poroject or need any more information.”

My email is alex@exarchitectures.com

“If you are interested in finding out more about me and some of my more artistic projects, check out my personal portfolio www.adcdesign.eu .”