Ex Architectures is an emerging design studio working with projects that combine performance art, architecture and timber frame construction; making unique installations, furniture and spaces that people connect with in new and interesting ways. Since its formation in 2019, the studio has begun collaborating with established artists, designers and others across disciplinary boundaries, whilst also seeking sustainable timber sources for its projects. In addition the studio has completed a range of design and build projects as well as artistic residencies, throughout Europe. Ex Architectures is particularly interested in finding ways that people and performance art can enhance architectural creation.

Ex Architectures wants to use materials in an ecological and sustainable manner, reducing carbon output, and waste, whilst sourcing materials from ethical producers. We are doing this by exploring the galician forestry industry, follow the journey on our blogs page (EYE, Wood, Galicia).

Alexander de Caires (Director)

I work between art, architecture and timber construction. Drawing upon an extensive academic and professional career in related fields, having worked with RIBA award winning design studios and internationally renowned artists. As well as working on a variety of design and build projects, which include sheds, saunas, theatre installations, outdoor furniture, artistic residencies and workshops.