Sirius Arts Centre Residency


An artistic residency focused on the exploration of temporal architectural fragment, floating in space, interacting with the gallery.

This artist residency program run by the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Ireland, offers artists the opportunity to develop new or existing projects. In my case, I was looking to create temporal architectural installations that interact with the gallery building and its landscapes.

I travelled to Cobh with a roll of string, camera, laptop, tripod and sketch book. When I arrived, I sourced some offcuts of wood from around the gallery to get started. I spent much of my time in the gallery, interacting with the yacht club building and its architectural features. In particular, I was exploring floating/ephemeral structures, on the balcony with installations between its colonnade. In a way, I was trying to disrupt the formal nature of these classical elements with my ad hoc interventions. 

After my time at Sirius, I returned the sticks and wood I had borrowed. The recordings and photos became a documentary of the time I had spent there and the installations I created. I also formatted a short video to show some the influential characters I had encountered during the residency. These included, boats arriving to Cork’s industrial Harbours, the November sun, the shadows it cast, and the landscape.

I would love to hear what you think of the project, and if you want to discuss any of the themes, or are interested in more information, let me know.

This project would not have been possible without the support of Colectivo RPM, who sponsored the project through their Cruceiros Paraiso Program. I would also like to thank the Sirius Arts Centre staff for hosting me in the gallery and to Karl Burke, who granted me permission to experiment using one of his sculptures. It is a sculpture that had inspired me to work with the gallery in the first place and was very influential in sparking creative happenings in this project.